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High quality vehicles 
100% electric

Our vehicles are made to the highest standards. Our manufacturing partners of MELEX and AF develop strong and versatile products for demanding customers in many countries with different climate and different working conditions

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Exclusive Cars

Middle East, Africa, Asia
Our office is located in:
 Copenhagen, Denmark

Sustainable cars designed for every industrial purpose

Melex and AF vehicles are made as standard vehicles with standard specifications. On top of this our manufacturers are having a special section in the factories, where vehicles with special specifications are made to customers demands and desire.
Our mission

Thoughtfully engineered 
e-powered cars with sustainability in mind

A unique combination of performance, versatility and elegance.

The EVON cars are versatile and ideal for many industrial and transportation purposes. With environmental issues in mind from the very first step in the engineering department to final inspection of the ready made car, our vehicles are built to match almost any transportation case you may have. 
Gardening trucks
Garbage trucks
Golf cars
Zoo truck
Cargo trucks
...and more

Our vehicles are built to last, made of only the highest quality materials.

We have cars for sightseeing, heavy load, garbage trucks, gardening trucks, hospital vehicles and many more.

We make electric cars because we take care of environment, we support reduction of air pollution and transportation noise. We can grant you a long warranty period, because we trust in quality of our vehicles. just contact us for your needs. 
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Thanks to our long history and tradition in this business, with almost 50 years of experience, we have customers who come back and buy more cars. Again and again. Customer perception of our vehicles and our service is very positive and very valuable in our efforts to conquer new markets.
Manufacturing electric vehicles 
since 1970 
Manufacturing electric vehicles
since 1969

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We’ll be glad to supply a standard version and we’ll also be glad to make a vehicle with additional specifications according to your demand and desire. 

Denmark, Refshalevej 163 A, 1432 Copenhagen

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